I've had it for decades

now I'm sharing it with the world

I’ve spent nearly four decades working with this theory, after it was more or less complete. I believe it is useful for you now. It changed my world view, for the better, and it gives me insight in my daily life. I'm a contributing member of society, and my track record is evidence that I’m not a crack pot.


I don't want to be rich or famous

but I intend to change the world

It is not my intention to sell books; it is my intention to change the world. However, there is some cost to my family, to whom I have a responsibility to protect, and I must allow the release of the theory to pay for its own space in our world. Somehow, my sacrifice needs to be compensated for their sake. If you make me an offer to assist you in your endeavor, for some limited engagement, I will entertain that offer on a case-by-case basis. I can also bring books to sell at a discount, and can sign books. I can also talk to you personally, long enough to write a personalized inscription, priced at a graduated scale.

Get the Book

the book costs less when you get it from me

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