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everything that you can name belongs in some dimension

The dimensional theory of everything has one overriding precept; everything that you can name belongs in a dimension, or in multiple dimensions, and all of the dimensions, which define all of reality, form a continuum connected to the space-time continuum that Einstein gave us. Einstein got it right, as far as he went, but he and the whole scientific community have been looking for the remainder of the theory in the wrong direction ever since. I’m here to set the scientific world on the right path, and expand your understanding of reality and give you a model that you can use to gain perspective on everything, every day.


The Theory of Everything

the holy grail of science

A theory of everything is a hypothesis used to explain everything that exists. The scientific community has searched for such a theory of everything ever since Albert Einstein's theory of relativity sparked the imagination of scientists all over the world in the early 1900's. A theory is just that, it’s a theory; it’s not a scientifically proven model. Einstein’s theory eventually became increasingly proven through experiment, observation and measurement; it predicted specific implications, many of which have since been observed in nature. Einstein spent his later years trying to find the theory of everything, but he failed, and no one has been successful, until now.

In the best case scenario, such a theory should provide insight that allows us to predict detailed outcomes and trends, which make it easier to go looking for them, to prove or disprove the model. At the very least, a good theory can reduce time wasted in unfruitful directions. However, the bar for the correct theory of everything must be much higher. It must provide so many insights that the whole world continually makes more sense, all fields of study should be able to advance rapidly because they are looking in the right direction.

This is exactly what I have been doing with the dimensional theory of everything for nearly four decades. I have spent a lifetime watching documentaries about all manner of academic pursuits in an attempt to accomplish one of two things; either I would learn just enough about the topic to see the future of the field, or I would make predictions about the field that would later prove to be incorrect. Astonishingly, I have observed countless predictions that were correct and none that were proven incorrect; everything I have paid attention to, and applied the insight from this theory upon, and had the good fortune to see the field advance, has become the confirmation that I needed to bring you this theory now.


My Model Allows Me to Gain Perspective

on any topic

I believe that if you tell me enough about any topic, so that I understand where you are in your journey, and the problems that you are facing, I can gain perspective on anything. In this book, I use the model to explain the big bang more completely and cohesively than anyone before me because my model of everything is better than any model that has come before it. I offer a proof of why the multiverse theory in physics cannot happen.

If the model didn’t produce fruitful results, then it would be useless. If it is true, then is must be useful; that was my benchmark. I also needed to be able to explain it to anyone; a theory of everything must pull things together to become simplified, not increase the complexity. You can understand the theory and apply it for yourself. It just works. I proved it for myself hundreds of times, over and over again. It’s useful or it’s not; if there’s truth in it, it must be useful.

I do not claim any special powers, at all. Everything I do, you can do, and you can likely do it better than me in the long run. I define the terms, explain the corollaries, state the complete theory, and list many of the implications of it, in order to change the world view before I die.


The whole theory is in the book

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I know it's controversial, I had to do it. Read it and find out why. My testimony is inseparable from the theory. I tell you everything.