tell me where you are so I can see track the message as it goes thoughout the world

More than that, I want to hear your comments, and I might even respond to your questions. This is the first time the world has seen this theory; it's completely original; I am releasing it here, now.


The price of the book is higher on Amazon

you can get it cheaper through me, but the button on the right will let you pay $250 on Amazon

I'm not on Amazon to sell books, I'm on Amazon to change the world, and that price is for the scientific community; they can pay a premium. I set that Amazon price at $250 because that is the largest number that Amazon allows. So, Amazon's cut is 40% of the amount you pay on Amazon plus the cost of printing, and I don't want Amazon to take that much out of the price of my book price. If the book was sold for $25, they certainly deserve a cut of that proportion, but they are doing the same job for that $25 book as they are for my $250 book, and they do not deserve to be paid at that elevated scale for the same job.


If you want books

I will sell them to you at a discount

Since you have come to this website, you have the inside track directly to me. I will buy my books from Amazon, at my cost, which Amazon set, and pay to have them shipped to me in bulk to take possession of them. Then, I will sell them to you at a reduced price from what you can get on Amazon. This is legal and within the Agreement that I have with Amazon. This is ideal when you are located within driving distance of me.


Optionally, you can send me my part

and I can setup a special discount for you

There is another option that might work out better, at Amazon, to order the books directly from them. That would prevent us paying for two shipments, and that would reduce your cost.


I can sell books directly to you

there are two ways

You can sponsor an event, where I can attend and bring books, or you can simply order books directly from me and I can ship them directly to you.


The sponsored event can simply be a book signing event

or it can also include a workshop for any specified period of time

During that time, we collaborate on whatever project interests you. I will participate in your exploration of my model. I suppose our time together doesn't have to be limited to an exploration of your topic using my model, but I'm not sure why else you'd want me there, but that's up to you.


To setup a sponsored event

contact me and make a pitch for it

The email address is provided below; make me an offer for my participation in it. I do not have any set prices, I will decide yes or no on a case-by-case basis, taking into account everything that you say. If the offer is agreeable to me, you can send me what you offered, and I will show up with the books, or have the books sent ahead to your location, and I'll arrive prepared to spend that time with you. The sponsored event can have prices for the books adjusted to fit the offer, and can be completely included in your offer. Your offer will be in my bank account before I ship books or leave home, so plan ahead. In case some unknown event causes me not to arrive, I will refund everything except your cost for any books, which you received, that you did not return to me. If I shipped books directly to you, which were part of an offer, and you shipped them back to me, I will refund to you the full offer that you sent. That is the whole of the agreement, and it can be a signed contract, if you need it. I put my word on the line for everything I say that I will do, but I am not insulted for you to ask for it in writing.


Book signing events are generally structured

to form four lines to be processed in this order

1) Existing book owners can receive a signature or personalized inscription in their book. They attended a previous event, or sought out a copy on their own, and they shall be rewarded for it. There is a fee for either. If you catch me on the street somewhere and you have a book in your hand, a signature or inscription, whatever you can get me to do, is free. These events are structured for you to invest in my world, and in return, I invest my time in your world. That seems like a fair exchange, doesn't it?

2) Book purchase with personalized inscription. The inscription fee is higher than the signature fee.

3) Book purchase with signature. These are a graduated scale.

4) Book purchase. This obviously costs less than the others.


I will also have a way to collect any personal messages

that you might have, from you to me

I’m interested in who attends, and I'm interested in hearing most anything you'd like to share. I might or might not respond personally to any or all of them, but I invite you to do so. I do intend to read every last one of them. In fact, you can communicate directly to me at any time through the email address provided on the contact page of this website. Again, I might respond and I might not. No guarantees, and don't take it personally if I don't, but chances are I'll respond to every sincere inquiry that I can muster. I want to hear how my model has impacted your life. It matters to me. And I want to hear what your problem is; I might be able to help.


If the event is large enough to merit bringing an assistant

or two, and then the lines can be processed more quickly

If the event is not very large, obviously there will be no need to stand on formality. I'm not a task master; I simply appreciate justice enough to try. Some people invest more to participate in my world than others, and I want to reward them for it, that's all.


If you want an inscription

I will try to talk with you long enough to give it meaning

I want to know why you're there, who you are, what you're about, and whatever you'd like to share so that I can write something personally encouraging to you. If the event lasts for some period of time, you and I can have more opportunity to get to know each other, and the inscription can obviously have an opportunity to contain a more personalized meaning. If it is simply a book signing event, then the conversation is only happening while everyone is standing in line, and must be limited in time, appropriate to the event, according to the number of people waiting.


If everyone receives a book as part of the offer

then the number of lines can be reduced

The offer can also include a specific number of inscriptions, and or signatures, which you determine ahead of time. I can provide you with vouchers to hand out to the recipients that you identify to make these lines move more quickly, without the need for monetary exchange. Any of those kinds of details can be worked out in your offer and my acceptance.


If you only want to order books directly from me

please contact me and make me an offer

I'll respond and we can make an agreement. Who knows, I might be moved by your story enough to make them quite affordable. My typical rates look like this:

$128 for book with inscription, which you can inspire by sending me a message, or requesting the inscription, which I will take under advisement, but not guarantee that I can allow those words to come out of my mouth.

$100 for book with a signature.

$77 for book.


Shipping costs depend on how you decide to receive them

I shall not personally profit on top of shipping fees

For books without me writing inside them, you can send me my part and I can setup a special discount for you to order the books on Amazon to be shipped directly to you by whatever shipping methods they allow. For books with signatures or inscriptions, I'll simply have to determine the fee for what you order, according to the delivery method that you request. I might have to streamline this in some way, but if I do, then you will know that when you order the books, before you pay. Maybe I can setup a payment portal if sales volume warrants. For now, it's just me; I have my books at my home.


I prefer that you contact me using a ProtonMail email account to keep our communication private between us, as they encrypt everything. The account is free: Click Here


William H. Johnson III